Microsoft Xbox One – Update Sizes

The following list includes all known retail game patch sizes. All patch sizes are totals from stock retail discs only. All downloads of digital versions of games are pre-patched and aren’t cataloged here.

Note the Xbox One X system will, for certain games enhanced for it, have larger download sizes in order to obtain 4K assets such as updated textures, which will not download on the less powerful Xbox One and Xbox One S model. At this time, the 4K assets will install and download on all Xbox One X units regardless of the resolution of TV it’s connected to, with no option to avoid the download short of not patching at all. Expect these 4K asset downloads to be extremely large, even 40-50 gigs or more.

To submit updated information, use the form at the bottom of the page.

Submission instructions

  1. Remove disc from Xbox One if present
  2. Remove installed content from the Xbox One’s hard drive if present, either by deleting the data, or moving it to an external hard drive and then unplugging the drive.
  3. Insert disc, wait for patch size notification. In “update size” field below, insert patch data as shown on screen. For “game name”, please indicate what version of the game if it’s a later “game of the year” or “complete edition”.

(Note: I try to update this site relatively regularly but there are times I’m unable to do so in a timely fashion and it may be days or even weeks for submissions to be reflected here in extreme cases, apologies in advance)